The Swedish National Organization for Holocaust Education


A film about living testimonies from the Holocaust

Author’s talk on the Holocaust gives students lots to think about

The Swedish Educational Radio Broadcasting Company (UR) is now showing the film on its UR Play and UR Access platforms. 

One of the consistent themes throughout the film is that it is primarily through “the individual person’s destiny that we can understand our collective history”.

The Swedish National Organization for Holocaust Education has produced a documentary to offer educators a pedagogic tool when they teach about the Holocaust, the Second World War and human rights.

Telling the stories of individual people’s fates and experiences during the Holocaust and framing them in an historic perspective spotlights the dangers of Nazism and its consequences for both society in general and the individual human being.

The film aims at not only stimulating questions and discussions on the subject of anti-Semitism, but also at giving teachers a tool to help elevate the importance of source criticism and information evaluation to the top of the agenda.

Seminars for teachers

Can the documentary be used in schools as a tool to prevent anti-Semitism?

We discuss methods and pedagogic tools for tackling and countering anti-Semitism and extremism among high-school and senior high-schools students.


Languages: Swedish, English, German

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