Pedagogic materials

Pedagogic materials

när rösterna tystnar

Here you will find teacher guides (presently only in Swedish) for the drama documentary When the Voices Fall Silent. They are part of an educational package entitled Holocaust Education Initiative and they provide suggestions of how the film can be used in education. Five suggestions for in-depth themes and related exercises are included. The aim of these themes is to further boost student knowledge and understanding of the past, and in particular the Holocaust, and also to inspire the students to reflect on issues central to human rights and the importance of democracy, identity and minority rights.

A film produced by Skaparkraft Film & Musikproduktion

Teacher Guide

Theme 1: Jewish Identity in Poland

The first theme offers the teacher a unique opportunity to teach about Jewish identity, history, language and culture. In Sweden Jews are one of the country’s recognised minorities.

Theme 2: Anti-Semitism – Hatred of Jews

The second theme examines the roots, ideas and characteristics of anti-Semitism.

Theme 3: The Warsaw Ghetto

In this theme the students delve into the situation and environment depicted by much of the film. The theme describes oppression and human suffering, as well as the life and the survival instinct that characterised the ghetto.

Theme 4: The Value of Democracy

The aim is to show the students that democracy must constantly be protected, that rights can be taken away if they are not defended, that political freedom should never be taken for granted.

Theme 5: The Rescuers

This last theme deals with a small but vital group from the Holocaust – the Rescuers. The students learn about key terms such as perpetrator, bystander and rescuer. The term “rescuer” refers to those people who chose to save, hide, protect, help or support Jews when they were at their most vulnerable. The aim is to show that there were people who acted on the basis of their conviction and who helped others even though this put their own lives at risk.

The film is accompanied by a reworked and shortened version of the teacher guide as well as in-depth study material aimed primarily at teachers. There are also five different themes with which to work. 

As a teacher it is up to you to choose which theme or themes you want your students to work with.

Teacher guides are presently only available in Swedish.