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Holocaust Education Initiative  Unique new educational material to counter anti-Semitism 

In the run-up to the International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Anti-Semitism
– Remember ReAct – the Swedish National Organization for Holocaust Education (RFF) rolled out the drama documentary When the Voices Fall Silent. This film is part of an educational package entitled Holocaust Education Initiative which is aimed at teachers as well as high-school and senior-high school students. Teachers get an entirely new and unique pedagogic tool to prevent and counteract anti-Semitism in schools. 


Holocaust Education Initiative  More information

One of the consistent themes throughout the film is that it is primarily through “the individual person’s destiny that we can understand our collective history” and that history is about a whole lot more than just “statistics and dates”. The Holocaust impacted vast numbers of people and it is vital that the scope of this disaster is made clear in its entirety to students. The problem is that it is difficult to properly grasp the reality behind the statistics and the generalisations if we do not at the same time examine the events from the close-up perspectives and personal experiences of the individuals actually involved.


Holocaust Education Initiative Fact sheet

The Holocaust Education Initiative educational package comprises a pitch film, a main film and
teacher guides.
Target group: Students and teachers at high-school and senior-high school

About RFF

The Swedish National Organization for Holocaust Education is a non-profit organization without any political or religious affiliations. It was formed to counteract anti-Semitism and other forms of racism.

The organization works with projects whose aim is to provide education about Nazi and Communist crimes against humanity, and to further democracy, tolerance, human rights and equality among all human beings. Its work is based on the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

We work together with various public authorities and other instances in civic society to enhance understanding of and knowledge about the role of minorities in society and to reflect their origins.

RFF works on projects whose aim is to

  • prevent and counter anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination,
  • educate about the Nazis’ and communists’ crimes against humanity,
  • further democracy, tolerance and human rights and equality among all human beings.

Our activities are supported by various authorities and foundations.